Visually impaired children are identified in schools and referred for medical assessment, after which if confirm as special need then integrated in schools. Itinerant teachers are trained on special need education and support teachers and visually impaired children in schools.

GAMCO need more support from any donors, philanthropist or organisations to alleviate some of the challenges face by the itinerant teachers and special needs children.

* To give extra time to assist them to develop listening skills

* To assist them to understand the classroom environment

* To link them to sighted peers

Such as: -

  • Lack of adequate low vision devices e.g. Magnifiers, Reading glasses, Computers for large print, Reading slate, writing parts for low vision, Tape recorders, Cassettes, and Batteries.
  • Inadequate Braille Machines, Braille Papers, Tactile drawing or pictures to built concept for visually Impaired (Blind)  Ruler white canes, toys, wheel chairs, Talking watches etc. 
  • Tactile Machines to draw questions and pictures for visually impaired children, which they find it very difficult during external exams because the writings, pictures and diagrams are in a print form that is not readable by a Blind child or for the low vision child to read.
  • Most of the visually Impaired children are from very poor families and most parents prioritise the “Normal” child, therefore the visually impaired are left and kept at home.
  • Donate to sensitised teachers on handling these special children to be able to support the SNC.

The education of children with special needs play a very important role in the communities and the nation for bright future, independent, caring and responsible citizens.

Despite the challenges some achievement has been realised. There are special needs graduates from the University and College with Higher Teachers Certificate and Primary Teachers Certificate just to name a few. Listen to Visually Impaired Video

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We do is a labor of love for us. The children we help are forever in our hearts.

We couldn't do this without you and your generous support. If you feel a calling to do so,

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