In response to the underprivileged trend of the needy, GAMCO has always endeavoured to provide quality basic education for the majority of her population although, with much difficulty.

The overall objective of the project is for the provision of school furniture for students in schools. This will facilitate the teaching and learning process in schools.


When knowledge is to be imparted to students the sitting accommodation should be conducive for the pupils acquiring the knowledge. Furniture change not just the way students  are seated or taught but also the way in which education is acquired  to improve the content of teaching and learning. Furniture is increasingly becoming part of the attainment in participatory performance monitoring (PPM). When analyzing students performance (results).

The availability of furniture for the students in schools who are rather disadvantaged by rural setting will offer the student’s potential to expand their scope of learning.

The priority given to the education sectors places furniture as one of its’ priorities in the development process to accommodate children in the school to attain education for all.

Most Government therefore maintains an open door policy inviting participation of philanthropic individuals, and organizations to contribute to the realization of its objectives in the field of education. For the achievement of its targets set demands mobilization of both materials and human reassures, which are not readily available to most of the states is a necessity.

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We do is a labor of love for us. The children we help are forever in our hearts.

We couldn't do this without you and your generous support. If you feel a calling to do so,

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