For the past three years, Mark Cockerton support GAMCO to implement these projects such as Educational materials, the rehabilitation of several schools Wells such as St. Michael’s Basic Cycle, and Maintenance school furniture in The Gambia. 

The organization has provided educational material to 1,150 children in two communities for the past six years. In addition, GAMCO has educated over 80 students through the high school education fund, 20 through university and college, 20 still on the path of higher education and is still on the path of educating 290 students.  GAMCO has been working towards implementing the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN. Watch helping to fix the School community pump.

“If you want a decent life you have to go to school."GAMCO supported 52, children from five surrounding Villages, their dreams of going back to school. Because of your support where children and their families received educational materials through your support now 52 students will attends school.

Last year with your support, GAMCO accomplished its objective in sponsoring 100 needy children education. Our education sponsorship covers tuition, fees and school supplies. Your donations has i) ensured that the children in our education program stayed in school last academic year ii) given them hope that they can achieve their dream of attaining basic education and tertiary  be successful in life and iii) given them the view of the world for a brighter  future. We thank you for your support!

We need you again this year as the 2014 - 2015 school year is fast approaching starting mid September, to continue sponsorship of the needy children who solely rely on our support for their education.  Today GAMCO faces funding shortage for the coming academic year starting in September of 2014. In response, some of the GAMCO volunteers have taken up challenges to raise $500 -$1000 each into the educational effort.

Our challenge is to raise $5000 by December 31st 2014 and with all your support we can achieve this goal. You can make your contributions by visiting and remember no contribution is too small (watch video) because collectively we can have a major impact in the lives of the needy children benefiting from this program. 

Your donation could be the difference between a child going back to school in September or be a drop out.  Watch distribution of Education Materials by to St. Micheal´s Mothers´ Club.
With $15.00 per month in recurring or $180.00 one time donation you can sponsor a child's education for one year. No contribution is too small. Give your gift of education, Save a child's dream to succeed and make a difference.



See videos for Sukuta Mundu with Mothers Clubs

GAMCO has donated Educational materials on the 27th December, 2014 to SUKUTA MUNDU a Women’s Association meaning LISTENING TO THE WORLD, to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children in their community, such as 150 packets of exercises books, School bags, a box of pencils, a box of pens and a box of Erasers.


Mr. Chairman, Chief Guest of Honour Governor West Coast Region, Councillor of Fula kunda Ward, Sukuta mundu, Fula kunda women Association, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am particularly happy and grateful for the great privilege and honour given to me to say a few words of welcoming address in honour of the President and Founder of GAMCO, Honourable Matthew A. Gomez.

No doubt, you will all agree with me that today is one of the most important occasions in the history of Sukuta Mundu a Women Association in Kitty (1). With the arrival of the president of GAMCO Mothers club organization, Director of Geedema (sweet water) organization, the Alkalo, Imam and Priest, an important chapter has been added to the annals of this great community of ours.

Allow me to introduce Sukuta Mundu means listing to the world. The association was founded since 2003 with 20 members. Sukuta Mundu; worked for the people to clear their farms and farming in order to sponsor underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the community. Since inception we sponsor 250 students of which some are now in the University of the Gambia.


 Sukuta Mundu in traditional 

Dress Dancing and rejoicing.



Mr. Chairman, Madam Chief Guest of Honor, Distinguished guests, Gamco volunteers, Sukuta mundu, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen. I salute you all. I am particularly happy and grateful to assist Sukuta Mundu a women Association supporting the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in and around your communities.

 GAMCO is derived from our core values of the organisation.

 Generosity – Joyful giver to the Underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the communities and schools.

 Accountability – Responsibility of our action that influence the lives of our society and fellow workers to alleviate poverty.

 Mentoring – Responsibility of coaching and training children, youths and women to be responsible, caring and productive citizens.

 Community – A sense of responsibility and contribution to societies that define our existence.

 Ownership – Taking ownership of the organisation and community success.

 GAMCO,s aim is to empower women, youths, children and, underprivileged and disadvantaged children in rural and rural-urban Communities in the Gambia; for their lives would have been meaningless in the society and the country as a whole without support.

 Today GAMCO is supporting more than 100 children in this community with educational materials to achieve their dreams for better future.

 Gambia is a land of hope; a land full of dreams; and a land of freedom. You students are the hope for the future and soul of the Gambia, the hope for Africa and the leaders for tomorrow. Honour your parents, teachers and leaders; value your education for your future dreams and if you do so the sky is the limit.

 I thank you all for your kind attention.



 Mr. Chairperson, Representative from the Governor Office, members from GAMCO Organisation here present, Religious leaders, elders of the village, women’s of Sukuta Mundu Association, ladies and gentlemen and all other protocols respectfully observed. Good afternoon to you all.

 First of all we thank Almighty for making this day a successful one. I am Eli N Mendy representing the students body to give a vote of thanks in this auspicious gathering. We wouldn’t be fair enough if we do not say big thank you to Sukuta Mundu who are working hand in hand with GAMCO Organisation in making our education a successful one.

 What they have done for us cannot be quantified in monetary terms. If there was another adjective to describe what have done for us, we would have done so.

But since there is known them we would continue to pray hard for them so that God would help them to continue their tremendous effort.

Over the pass years since they have started this move, students hardly cried of school fees neither stationary in schools. They rather prefer missing something and invest in education as they know it is the key to gain success in life.

In conclusion, I will like to take this opportunity to advise my fellow students to reflect on the drama, to be serious with our education, the President of GAMCO said if we are serious with our education the sky is the limit for our education.

 I will like to thank everyone who have the patience and understanding to come and grace this great occasion.

Finally women of Sukuta Mundu Association and GAMCO Organisation for living all their work and families for yet another annual distribution of school materials, is not easy but God will guide you.

 I thank you all for your kind attention.


Remarks from a Fulla Kunda, Ward Councilor.

I have the singular honor and pleasure to express my profound gratitude and sincere greetings to you Mr. Matthew A Gomez the President and founder of GAMCO in partnership with Sukuta Mundu would make a great difference in the socioeconomic development promotion of education and culture, empowerment of women, youths children, Health and agriculture in the country the Gambia. These projects which is in partnership with GAMCO would be first ever projects been lunched in the Gambia smiling coast of Africa with enthusiasm and cordial calibration in Kitty (1) women association (Sukuta Mundu) in joyous occasion with cultural dance, and drama which be so interesting, lovely appreciation showing unity, harmony and tranquillity within the people of Kitty and partners in development these would mark a significant step in the history of Kitty. May the Almighty God fulfil our aims objectives and give us good health, a long life, peace, progress and prosperity in the ahead. Amen.

 GAMCO, donated library books to St. Matthew's Basic Cycle School - Barra, on the 15th June, 2016. During the handing over ceremony the CEO handed over two hundred books (200) to the school librarian, Mr. Dominic Jatta; He said the books came at a right time. The Principal  of the school express the importance of these library books and said the books will be put in to good use by both teachers and students to the fullest and teachers will also use them for research to prepare for their lesson during teaching and learning.


 To donate visit: / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We do is a labor of love for us. The children we help are forever in our hearts.

We couldn't do this without you and your generous support. If you feel a calling to do so,

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